Laura Kubatko
Laura Kubatko

Arrival and Departure

May 23 - June 4, 2024

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E-mail: kubatko.2 (at) osu (dot) edu

Twitter: @Laura_Kubatko

Lecture Material for 2024

Species Tree Estimation Lecture 2024 slides

Lab Material for 2024

Species Tree Lab 2024 slides

Species Tree 2024 Tutorial

Reading List 2024

Degnan, J and L Salter. 2005. Gene tree distributions under the coalescent process, Evolution 59(1): 24-37.

Kubatko, L and J Degnan. 2007. Inconsistency of phylogenetic estimates from concatenated data under coalescence, Systematic Biology 56(1): 17-24.

Kubatko, L, HL Gibbs, and EW Bloomquist. 2011. Inferring species-level phylogenies and taxonomic distinctiveness using multi-locus data in Sistrurus rattlesnakes, Systematic Biology,60(4): 393-409.

Chifman, J and L Kubatko. 2014. Quartet inference from SNP data under the coalescent model, Bioinformatics 30(23): 3317-3324

Peng, J., D. Swofford, and L. Kubatko. 2022. Estimation of speciation times under the multispecies coalescent, Bioinformatics 38(23): 5182-5190

Swofford, D. L. and L. S. Kubatko. Species tree estimation using site pattern frequencies, Chapter 4, pgs. 68-88, in Species Tree Inference: A Guide to Methods and Applications, edited by L. S. Kubatko and L. L. Knowles.

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Biking Cincy to Cleveland, 2021 (Longgg video)

Appalachian Trail, 2022

SSB Presidential Address, 2022