Emily Jane McTavish
Emily Jane McTavish

Emily Jane McTavish

Assistant professor, University of California, Merced

Arrival and Departure

May 29 to June 2

My Lab’s Web Page

McTavish Lab Webpage

If you want a copy of my super-cool Felsenstein zone shirt, it’s up on uberprint here: Fels Zone



Old Materials

Open Tree of Life


The Open Tree of Life project synthesizes scientific knowledge about the phylogeny of all life. Open Tree has constructed a comprehensive, dynamic, and digitally-available tree of life across 2.5 million taxa by bringing together published phylogenetic trees and taxonomic data.

It’s available at tree.opentreeoflife.org

Upload your trees to tree.opentreeoflife.org/curator to have them included in this synthetic estimate of evolutionary relationships across life on earth!

Here is a tutorial about how to automate pulling down trees for any set of species you are interested in:

Feel free to ask me any questions about Open Tree or these tutorials!